Tuesday, May 18, 2010

heaven is a C24...

DAVID KEENAN. said cunt has a LOT to answer for - 'new weird america', inflated record, cassette and cdr prices, shocking attempts at playing the saxophone, JANDEK actually 'performing' in front of people and most recently, 'hypnagogic pop'. apparently rooted in nostalgia (that in itself should have by rights, killed it off before it left the ground) and inspired by video tapes, don henley and photocopied artwork (eh?), i believe it to be nothing more than a way for him to sell people on his own taste and make money for volcanic tongue. JAMES FERRARO, EMERALDS (who are actually really fucking good at times), POCAHAUNTED, SPENCER CLARK etc. - yawn. why?
well, apart from said artists being for the most part thoroughly uninteresting and having nothing in common except for similar instrumentation and being placed under a banner that they have mistakenly allowed themselves to embrace (ok, two dudes were in SKATERS - again, BORING...), the main reason for my distaste (apart from the usual ingrained hatred of most things) is that i have in my possession, a cassette that i have fallen in love with. 'open palms' by STITCHED VISION. SV is jason campbell (ex THE LET-GO!, JAMES DEAN), playing absolutely gorgeous synthesiser-driven, drone-based pop music. a C24 of four tracks of pure bliss - this tape could easily fall into the ridiculous sub-genre alluded to above, but it is so fucking good that it defies being put into a neat pidgeon hole. jason works hard at his art - i have followed him for a number of years now after being turned on by my friend chris (thanks mate!), his previous groups falling into the 'screamo' area of music but again, transcending said cul-de-sac by way of brilliant songwriting and an attention to detail and melody ignored by most punks. 'open palms' is his first release as STITCHED VISION, and having witnessed him play these tunes live (and fucking LOUD!), i am sure that it won't be his last. jason is constantly re-working material, techniques and ideas when performing and he has moved past his debut already in a very short time. released in an edition of 50, i urge anyone, everyone, to track down the tangible object or if this is not possible, download it. recorded live, 'open palms' is vital, essential, as beautiful as THAT anticiptated first kiss. heaven is a C24.

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  1. The only thing worse than POCAHAUNTED is BEST COAST